Humpty Dumpty Returns

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Homage to Dan Santat's 'After the Fall'

Humpty Dumpty Returns

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For Families

Caldecott Medalist Dan Santat's sweet story follows Humpty Dumpty, an avid bird watcher whose favorite place to be is high up on the city wall―that is, until after his famous fall. Now terrified of heights, Humpty can longer do many of the things he loves most.

Will he summon the courage to face his fear?

After the Fall (How Humpty Dumpty Got Back Up Again) is a masterful picture book that will remind readers of all ages that Life begins when you get back up.

We are accustomed to teaching with a model in front of a child, but these instructions should make it so that anyone can build one without our presence. We urge that parents and teachers be there to guide – but to allow the child to try to let the materials (and a picture of the final product) guide them. A wrong direction is always un-doable until you've glued something.

The Parts.

Step 1. On the front piece, attach the legs by putting the glued end of the string into the holes and wedge them in with the cribbage pegs.

Step 2. Put the front and back together and bring the elastic from the back over the whole figure. When the top slides to one side or the other, the bird can be hidden in the pocket there so Humpty cracks open and the bird flies away.

it's all decoration from here...

Humpty Dumpty 2021

Humpty Dumpty Returns

Humpty Dumpty Parts

Humpty Dumpty Parts and Step 1

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