Understanding Pokémon

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2019 Summer Program

In the trailer for the live-action Pokémon movie that will premiere in April, a startled Pikachu asks Tim Goodman a dramatic question: Wait, you can understand me?

You may already know from the Detective Pikachu Game that Tim and Pikachu have a friendship that goes far deeper than pika, pika. But this film poses the question: is the world ready to understand Detective Pikachu?

We have asked a master to help you answer the question. Daniel Morowitz is a game design artist who has followed the Pokemon phenomena through all its generations. You can be a beginning or an advanced trainer. Dan will bring order and insight to the characters who fill this story. Create artful versions of your favorite Pokémon characters organized by Type and Abilities. Join the group in creating a detailed Ryme City that will help you follow Tim and Detective Pikachu through this adventure.

Pokémon™ characters and stories are copyrighted intellectual property. This workshop is a study of the characters.

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