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2019 Summer Program

When reduced to its most basic form, photography consists of nothing more than capturing light on either a piece of film or a digital sensor. In this class we will be exploring the origins of photography as well as examining how the different mechanical functions of a camera can affect the resulting image.

We will begin on Monday with an introduction to the five concepts of photography and then get acclimated to our digital cameras by shooting photos around the Workshop and in the adjacent park. That afternoon an introduction to photo editing with Pixlr Express or Photopea will allow students to choose images from the morning's 'shoot.'

Throughout the rest of the week we will use our newly found knowledge of cameras to go beyond the normal bounds of photography. We will capture movement too fast for the naked eye and compress up to thirty seconds of movement into one single image.

We will complete the week by experimenting with photo transfer onto a piece of wood. This printing medium offers a whole different dimension to being able to capture light by printing directly onto a 3 dimensional object.

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