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Putting a spin on things.



2019 Summer Program

The spinning top is ancient. Our distant ancestors may have twirled shells or stones before they spoke words. Each civilization has crafted unique tops. Tops have taught scientists important principles. D.W.Gould, a collector and historian of tops suggests: to master tops, skip the history and the science, learn by play first. The rest will sink in. And that is how this week will work.

Mornings: Tops are simple, but need precision. New tools – the lathe, the 3D Printer, the LASER Cutter – will help. Create and master new tops each day. Learn 5 ways to put a spin on things. Make tops from all around the world. Make tops that shift shapes, change colors and hum. Make tops that play games and (pretend to) tell fortunes. Afternoons: choose to to experiment or invent, to refine your work or skills. Learn plate juggling, yoyo tricks, the human gyroscope, spinning eggs, puddle jumpers. magnetic tops. Learn how big the world of tops is. BTY: the world is a top.

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