COVID Adirondack Chair Wk 3

Eli Whitney Museum

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****Please note that the tools and techniques used in this class will require a certain amount of size, strength, and manual dexterity that not all 11 (or even some 12 year olds) have yet. We cannot accept any campers who are less than 11 years old minimum and we will ask that parents who have any questions as to their child's readiness call us to discuss it and perhaps come in with the camper to meet the instructors before signing up.****

We do this to ensure that the camper can do the work on his/her own as much as possible so that the finished product is all theirs.

An introduction to furniture design and construction in a traditional style that invites lively invention. Your favorite food? Build it. Your favorite Game? Build it. Your favorite Super Hero? Build it.

Design it, build it, paint it, relax in it. A week that leads to years of enjoyment. Construct a chair for your room or porch. Add to your collection.

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