COVID Inventive Sculpture

Eli Whitney Museum

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Artists tell you how they see the world with their art. They show their imagination at work. Consider how artists have used found objects in art: sometimes wood scraps, corks, shells or stones. Sometimes things that might collect in a drawer or closet waiting for a new purpose: thimbles, bottle openers, safety pins or buttons.

Each day look at artworks that have disguised or revealed found objects: Works by Picasso, Paul Klee,
Louise Nevelson, Josh Simpson and Alexander Calder.

Then begin with small challenges to make a menagerie of familiar creatures from unfamiliar parts.
Then let artists inspire your work: a beast from Picasso, a puppet from Klee, an acrobat from Calder,
A box of intricate architecture from Nevelson. Exercises in creativity and construction.

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