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Start with a box. Transform it into something from a far off world.

First, imagine what something from another world looks like? Is this creature even alive or could it be more machine? Start with a box big enough to climb into. Build a head that fits over yours. Attach flexible arms with grabber claws to manipulate the world around you. Create custom feet for different ways to move.
Now, make a spaceship.

Every galactic traveler needs a spaceship. Start with a small box. With scissors and tape, paper and wood scraps, add fins and engines. Create storage compartments so you can carry enough supplies along on your journey.

Now, create a pet that will accompany you on your travels. Start with a box. And the figure out: what do petslook like on your planet?

Now, create a model of the home on the planet you left. Start with a box. Reporduce the details you remember.

Inspired by Antoinette Poris' Not a Box 2007. A story of thinking inside and outside of boxes.

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