Wonder Afloat – 5 Days, 5 Bold Journeys

Eli Whitney Museum

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2020 Summer Program

Escape the cares that have confined us. Join 5 explorers – ancient and modern – whose unbounded curiosity and courage guided them into the unknown. Build a micro-fleet of ships and discoveries that they encountered. Follow their journeys on Google Earth that is at your fingertips.

• Build a ship from Queen Hapshepsut's fleet that traded treasures along the Red Sea 3000 years ago.

• Build Ibn Batuta's Dhow that explored the traveled from the east Asian Seas in 1350.

• Build the Ming Admiral Zheng He's treasure ship that explored the world from Africa to, some say, the Americas in the 1400s

• Build James Cook's Endeavour that charted the South Pacific in the 1700s. Build the Maori Waka he admired.

• Build Robert Ballard's Nautilus and ROV 's that have discovered lost ships and still explores the unknown realms below the seas in hope of saving them.

Celebrate that curiosity is shared round the world.

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