Design for the Laser Cutter Wk 9

Eli Whitney Museum

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2020 Summer Program

A week of model making will utilize the power and precision of our laser cutter. Participants will explore pattern and repetition by designing a unique napery (paper doily.) Building on skills throughout the week participants will design edge-lit Plexiglas LED lamps, folded paper polyhedra mobiles, and an architectural model. A look at the studios of Buckminster Fuller,

Participants must have a Mac or PC with Rhino 6 installed. A 90 day free trial is available at

“I think that what is exciting about the models is that each of them, in one way or the other, presents an attempt to solve a problem—a problem not as an autonomous configuration of time and space, but as a way to tie time and society together.”
-Olafur Eliasson

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