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Open-Ended Design Workshop

The Tinkerer's Apprentice

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2020 Summer Program

Each day we will begin with a platform: common tools and materials. A challenge will lend a little direction. Some teaching will introduce the materials. Your task: work out what you want to make of it.

Wood: Combine a wooden Alphabet Block with random wood parts, glue and paint to create a character, creature, a robot or a whatever?

Steel: The Erector Set was produced in New Haven for 50years. Its steel parts, nuts and bolts educated generations of inventors and engineers. We have given you well-worn parts, some 100 years old, to construct a character, creature, or a whatever.

Light: Our 3D Animator is a remarkable tool for playing with light. Make beads bounce, birds fly, characters run, dance, or whatever, (With a special Zoom sharing feature)

Wire: Learn to cut, coil and construct with wire. Learn the gifts of copper, aluminum, and soft iron. Weave with it. Make bubble wands. Construct characters, creatures, or whatever.

Pulleys: The simple pulley can shape the direction, speed, and shape of movement. Experiment a geared motor and with classic combinations. Then add clothespin figures to show off your moves.

On Friday, let one of your creations join our Summer's end celebration of dancing imaginations.

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