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2020 Summer Program

The joy of getting to know birds? They educate your senses. Your ears learn the rhythms and pitches of their songs. Your eyes learn their colors, the gait of their wing, their appetites and habitats.

Get to know 5 birds that visit your backyards. Understand and build houses they like.
• Build a Robin Shelf with a gentle Scarecrow that holds it all together.
• Build a Bird House for a Warbler, Wren, Chickadee or Nuthatch.
• Build models to understand the shape and use of their beaks.
• Weave a nest to understand the skill of bird enginering.
• Make models of the birds and their eggs to notice detail. Use the brilliant tools the Cornell Ornithology Lab shares to train your ears and eyes. Record you notes in a journal and Fandex.

Join your group in games to stretch your understanding of your avian neighbors.

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