Le Cirque (de l'équilibre)

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The Art & Science of Balance

Le Cirque (de l'équilibre)

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2020 Summer Program

Balance is not something you are taught, it’s something you learn by experiment. You were a toddler until, with lots of tries and fails, you mastered walking.

Circus performers know this. They seem to defy the laws of gravity that most of us live by – and they, with lots of tries and falls, master amazing skills which defy equilibrium.

In this workshop, let our fingers create and balance, with lot of tries and fails, classic acrobats – a cat that walks a tightrope, birds that perch on a twig, a dog that balances on a tipped chair, a team of international gymnasts that can assemble an infinite variety of pyramids, an off-balance ring master who moves around by vibrating. Work with dominoes and learn how to balance them until they topple at your command.

Every day spend some time with Andrew perfecting your own 'act' which you can bring back to the group the next morning. Or, if performance isn't your thing, every performer needs an appreciative audience.

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