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2020 Summer Program

Early Egyptians believed in eternity. They recorded the stories of their Pharaohs and people for you to understand 4,000 years later.

Discover how. They built massive pyramids to protect the remains of their Pharaohs against time and thieves. They included models of all the comforts of life forever. Build a Pyramid to house the tomb and place the Sphinx outside to guard it.

Build a model of a Funeral Barge which would have taken the Pharoah's mummy to the underworld; make the food, furniture, animals, toys and games left to accompany the Pharaoh’s journey and tell their story. Using the extensive images taken when King Tut's tomb was discovered, reconstruct a tomb with many of the things a young Pharoah needed to take with him to the after world. Learn to decode hieroglyphs.

Join your group in unwrapping this long history.

Pyramid outside

Egypt tomb inside

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