Hats and Cats??

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An homage to Jacqueline K. Rayner's HATS Are NOT for CATS!

Hats and Cats??

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We are accustomed to teaching with a model in front of a child, but these instructions should make it so that anyone can build one without our presence. We urge that parents and teachers be there to guide – but to allow the child to try to let the materials (and a picture of the final product) guide them. A wrong direction is always un-doable until you've glued something. You may want to color the parts of your cat before you put it together.

The Parts.

Step 1. Find the front of the body (hint: it's the side without the hole for the tail.) Push the smaller front paws onto the dowels. There is a right and a left.

Step 2. Turn the body around and push the larger back legs on the dowels that are sticking out the back. You may have to adjust these so they are equal in front and back. Then glue the tail into the hole between the back legs. Put the round disk on the dowel coming out of the head to become the base for any of the hats you will place on your cat. Now, Make Hats for your cat!

Cats hats

Hats not for cats

Cats and Hats Parts

Cats and Hats Step 1

Cats and Hats Step 2

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