The Wizard's Bazaar

Eli Whitney Museum

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2020 Summer Program

To be successful in the Wizarding World you need the proper equipment. A wand, a 'pet' owl or the like, a good selection of potions and spells, your uniform needs and that particular item that gives you your special skill. But where to find them? At the Diagon Alley Wizard's 'bazaar' of course!

Travel magically from the city of human marketplaces to the alleyways of the Wizarding World to shop in your favorite store for all that will help you succeed in the world of Wizarding. Choose and decorate your wand to make it specially yours. Outfit the store where mediums buy their crystal balls (which glow) and the potions shop where magical elixirs and spells are stored. Stock the pet shop with the owls (and have one magically choose you) and extraordinary creatures that will guide you through your studies and don't forget the shop where you will get your gear that identifies you as a member of your favorite House.

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