Natural Art: <em>of and for the Environment</em>

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sticks, rocks, mud & vines

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2021 Summer Program

Nature is an inspiring artist. Each day, take time to gather sticks and rocks, leaves and pine cones, seeds and grasses that will give form and color to your creations. Improvise small constructions to warm up.

Major Projects (of nature)

Weave: Create a frame loom and weave vines, willow shoots, bark strips and grasses. All parts of nature are connected, after all.

Float: Launch maple seeds and dandelion feathers. Construct a leaf kite and give it the colors of a butterfly.

Print: Roll leaves into clay tiles that will remember their lacy forms forever.

Paint: Pound stems and reeds to make brushes and they were made long ago. Make willow ink and red clay pigments to paint with.

Assemble: Construct a family of fish from all natural parts to swim in the breezes.

Capture: With a solar cell, capture the sun's power. Create a delicate flower for it to turn, honoring the sun's gift.

Giving Back (to nature)

With a small group construct a project with a message. Inspire: calling attention to beauty. Educate: calling attention to connections we must respect. (Where drains go.) Awaken: abandoned fishing lines tangle important creatures.

This program is supported by the Connecticut Office of the Arts

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