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Two Offerings, December 9th and 16th

Handmade Spoons with Reinaldo Cruz

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Workshop Information

  • Two nights, December 9th or 16th
  • 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
  • By Reinaldo Cruz, Visiting Educator.

One night – One Spoon. Two nights – Two Spoons.
Adults and Ages 16+

Fee for just the 9th or 16th: $75 each.
Fee for both: $135

There's still time to craft a holiday gift for a loved one…or for yourself. Carve a classic wooden spoon from New England hardwood. An introduction to traditional techniques by a master of the art (with a little modern technological help to get things started…)

Let Reinaldo Cruz, (Wood Carver, Woodworker, Sustainable Food Gardiner, Permaculture Designer, Educator) help you access your inner woodcarver.

Bringing utility and beauty from a piece of wood once considered dead, and perhaps en route to the wood stove, honors tradition and craftsmanship.

Every kitchen needs a hand-carved spoon.

No experience necessary. Reinaldo will teach you all you need to know to complete a beautiful wooden spoon in one evening.

We are offering a class on December 9th and a second class on December 16th.

Cost for just the 9th or 16th: $75 each.
Cost for signing up for both: $135

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