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for ages 7 – 9


2022 Summer Program

Food. Shelter. Water. Three resources essential for survival. Throughout human history one of the most amazing feats of human cleverness has been the many ways that water has been harnessed, harvested, and utilized as a resource. Eli Whitney chose the site for his Armory along the banks of the Mill River so he could use its current to power his machinery. Going beyond the banks of the Mill River we will explore how different cultures and civilizations utilized water.

Construct a Roman aqueduct to bring water to your people across great distances. Dig irrigation canals and transform the Egyptian desert along the Nile into lush farmland. Harness the power of water to turn a Chinese water wheel and hammer rice into flour. Build a farm right in the middle of Lake Texcoco and grow the crops that will grow your mighty Aztec empire. Discover how a simple stepwell can make it easier to access clean water in India.

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