Aquatic Life of the Mill River Basin

Eli Whitney Museum

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for ages 6 – 8

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2022 Summer Program

Discover captivating worlds within the Mill River — Whitneyville’s gem. Immerse yourself in the Mill River's aquatic ecosystem and the area around it in East Rock Park. Examine the underwater realm by making a “Pondscope” that will help you spy on the hidden wildlife below us. Discover bugs that harvest and create their habitats near the water and in East Rock Park. Create a water strider that floats and learn how to make a watershed. Study the fish of the Mill River by putting together a Fandex and making fish with sculpey, papier mache, quilled paper, and origami. Use magnets to demonstrate bugs whirling and create a mobile of a bird that flaps its wings. Learn how we can help preserve our aquatic wildlife and that of the forest.

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