The Art of Chemistry

Eli Whitney Museum

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for ages 11+


2022 Summer Program

What’s so cool about chemistry??

For one, everything is made of atoms except for maybe love and loyalty. Atoms, molecules, and ionic compounds make our air and food and colors and smells and explosions. For two, some things about chemistry may seem complicated or scary like words you can’t pronounce and DNA. So let’s learn some fascinating details about how substances react with each other and how science and art mix very nicely together.

What will we do? We’ll decipher the secrets of blue jeans, perfumes, soap, and bleach. We’ll think about what could be in an element collection or your own chemistry set. We will make smells and color changes and bubbly mixtures. You can make a periodic table game or book or decoration.

Jane Snell Copes is a chemist, teacher, writer, gardener, inventor, and question poser. She really does have fun with science every single day. Jane brings science fun to local Earth Day and National Chemistry Week events through her tiny business called Science Outside the Box.

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