Space Exploration

Eli Whitney Museum

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for ages 9 – 12


2022 Summer Program

Space Exploration is exciting and continually advancing. Through Star Trek, we have been transported into space and gone beyond realms that were otherwise unimaginable. Join us on a journey with Star Trek Discovery, exploring outer territories yet undiscovered. Explore and expose the myths of popular Star Trek voyages, successes, failed missions, and possibilities. How can these potentialities be unpacked? Have fun figuring out what might have really happened had these been actual NASA missions.

Investigate NASA’s James Webb’s Space Telescope, an infrared space observatory launched on December 25, 2021. Discover the (I)ngenuity of the 2020 Mars Rover Perseverance by creating your own.

This workshop will focus on the art, ingenuity, and challenges of space exploration, merged with the creativity and imagination of Star Trek. Where does fiction meet science and how can they help advance each other? We will travel where humans have gone before, learning how they got there as well as new ways to enhance space reconnaissance.

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