Crash Test Dummies: <em>The Olympics</em>

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The Olympics

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2021 Summer Program

The Olympics measure all the gifts of the human body: speed, agility, flexibility, strength, and endurance. Crash Test Dummies are also designed to test the capacity of the human body.

As the world’s greatest athletes gather in Tokyo to determine the best of the best, construct 4” tall figures and devices to simulate the extreme challenges that elite athletes endure.

Make micro athletes to simulate the events in Tokyo: runners, jumpers, gymnasts, fencers, swimmers and cyclists. Choose the events you want to specialize in. Help construct the event venues for your trials. Construct a to-scale Laser Dinghy to sail on a miniature lake.

This workshop will focus on the art and ingenuity and challenges of the Olympics but not competition. We will generously interpret rules to enhance play value. We will modify scale as necessary (For example, our table top soccer pitch will be only 10 feet long.)

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