Digging Deep with Dinos

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for ages 6 – 8

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2022 Summer Program

Please Note: This is a four day class: Tue, Wed, Thurs, Fri.
Mon, June 20th we are closed.

Approximately 251 million years ago, dinosaurs roamed the earth near the beginning of the Triassic Period. Archosaurs and pterosaurs thrived on our planet. In North America, Othniel Charles Marsh of the Yale Peabody Museum was the first professor of vertebrate paleontology in the United States, and he organized the first Yale Scientific Expedition. Marsh and his fossil hunters discovered hundreds of specimens. Then, in 1898, a young paleontologist named Barum Brown, “Mr. Bones,” discovered the Tyrannosaurus-rex while prospecting for fossils on an expedition in Patagonia.

Learn how Marsh, Barnum, and others examined their finds. Dig deep with your own excavation tool kit to carefully uncover a fossil. Then, make your own version of the fossils, emulating priceless archeological finds and centuries of gathered knowledge. Assemble bones like paleontologists. Piece together dinosaur skeletons. Sculpt and build a model of the Mesozoic Era complete with a pterodactyl that flies in the air. Build a landscape filled with dinosaurs and conifer trees from this time period. End the week by excavating dinosaur remains at a camp dino dig.

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