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2021 Summer Program

In the Middle Ages, dominoes traveled from China to Europe with returning missionaries. As this shows, competition can be a powerful force of unification and connectivity. Fast forward a few hundred years and this is the message the Olympics embody: every 4 years the world stops to peacefully compete in sport.

Children love dominoes, but so do adults and even gamblers. Dominoes also have fortunate dimensions that want to be set into chain reactions: quick and simple...or insanely complicated.

Our CNC robot will prepare a classic set of dominoes for you to sand, decorate, and master. Learn different games from around the world in the mornings. Then line them up and knock them over in the afternoon. Start simply.

In the spirit of the Olympics, we will hold small competitions. Learn the Patterns and techniques to create fantastic “runs.” Construct “tricks” to help your dominoes change directions, go up and down stairs, and connect to others. Learn the art of patience and teamwork as we work together to construct and film our results.

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