The Fall Migration

Eli Whitney Museum

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Ages 6-8
9 am- 3pm

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The Fall season in East Rock Park marks the beginning of change and movement. Birds, butterflies, and other inhabitants are leaving their summer abodes for more comfortable, southern territories.

Join us to discover the season up close. Take a walk in the park using binoculars to observe far away hidden treasures. Feel the first leaves crunch underfoot while venturing to find the season’s flowers that we will collect and press in our flower presses to create beautiful flower art to take home. Construct a bird feeder so you can hang a perfect rest stop in your backyard for birds that are voyaging through Connecticut. Build a sunflower that spins and stands tall in the fall crisp air. We will honor the Monarch butterfly’s majesty by experimenting with magnets when making a gravity-defying butterfly. All while learning about their fascinating, innate GPS system that scientists refer to as a “time-compensated sun compass.”

Fee: $70

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