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2021 Summer Program

Everywhere in life we encounter choices. What outfit to wear, what show to watch, what to eat for dinner… This last choice has a resounding impact.

Farmers are faced with choices as well - some easier than others. When farming free range, farmers choose to let their livestock - typically poultry - roam freely outdoors, rather than being confined in an enclosure for 24 hours each day.

When a choice like this is made many other factors come into play. Where will the animals roam? Will they be safe? What are the benefits? Farmers have answers.

Build a small farm. Sculpt and craft the chickens and livestock that will need to be shown great care and respect. Build the tools necessary to run such an operation - tractor, harrow, coop, and barn. Visit with and get to know some chickens that will call the museum grounds home for a day.

A primer on the choices, arts, and traditions of farming that are so very impactful and help connect us with our natural world. Shape, detail, color, play.

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