The World of the Turtle <em>in Art, Legend, & Play</em>

Eli Whitney Museum

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in Art, Legend, & Play


2021 Summer Program

Turtles are ancient creatures whose many different families live in lakes, rivers, woodlands and oceans around the world. They appear to be patient and wise.
They appear in legends: distant cultures- in India, China, and Native America – see the world carried on a turtle's back. They appear in stories from Lewis Carrol to Dr Suess, to Jennifer Oxley's Tuck Turtle in Wonder Pets. Turtles are our neighbors in East Rock Park.

Travel the world of the turtle. Construct folk toys that walk and swim and navigate, play music and spin a globe. Decorate each to understand the differences that make their stories rich. Visit – at a respectful distance – the turtles that sun on logs near the Mill River. Meet a scientist who films turtles swimming in the Mill River. Help make the world safer for turtles.

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