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2021 Summer Program

As America began to concentrate work and people in cities in the 19th Century, thoughtful educators and organizations advocated reconnecting children (and adults) with nature. We organized parks and camps: the air was fresher, schedules could be relaxed, play and learning could be spontaneous.

This Workshop will explore the treasures of East Rock Park and the art of exploring. Construct meeting and play structures. Watch birds and bugs and turtles. Discover the power of quiet watching. Listen to birds and bugs, water and the wind. Act out stories. Wade and climb. Build and float boats. Sculpt with sticks and vines, socks and mud. Act out stories. But mostly chose paths and adventures to explore.

Charlie Malone is a long time, place-based, environmental outdoor educator committed to helping children and their families make passionate lifelong connections with the natural world. He grew up in New Haven messing around on the banks of the Mill River and dreaming about the Native American legend of Hobbomock, the Sleeping Giant, in the hills of Hamden. His highest hope is that your children will fall in love with the natural world and discover the true joys and pleasures of life.

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