The Impressionist Palette

Eli Whitney Museum

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for ages 7 – 9


2022 Summer Program

What is your impression of light, color, atmosphere, and shapes? Become an Impressionist painter by observing the landscape and world around you along the Mill River and its vicinity. Capture movement and light by emulating the techniques of Claude Monet, Mary Cassatt, Pierre-August Renoir, Edgar Degas, and their cohorts. Master their techniques while studying their style of observing the world. Travel outdoors, “en plein air,” where you will be guided to sketch, paint, and observe your environment in a renewed way — seeing beyond the obvious.

Build your own portable easel, palette, and paint box to store your paints, brushes, pencils, and other materials. Build Monet’s boat and paint it in your version of his style. The portfolio you make will be filled with your interpretations of the world around you.

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