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Large Marble Track


and the art of precision.

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2021 Summer Program

Trust marbles. They know all the laws of science and always follow them.

Every marble run you construct will teach you physics, precision, and persistence. Marbles want to roll downhill. You need only notice and remove the obstacles.

Construct very small, medium, and large marble tracks. Learn to balance creativity and reliability. (True creativity finds solutions that work.) Learn how complicated it can be to discover simplicity.

We will work at a fast pace. (More time for testing.) Work alone. Work with your cohort in small team constructions. Build interchangeable parts to assemble a glorious 200 foot track to celebrate the week's work on Friday.

This project is dedicated to Beri Fox, the CEO of Marble King (Paden City, West Virginia). Nearly a million Marble King marbles have educated inventive hands here over the last 30 years.

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