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for ages 7 – 11


2021 Summer Program

The wisest and noblest teacher is nature itself. - Leonardo daVinci

We begin our Summer exploring Invention and Nature guided a master of that art. Leonardo reveled in nature's gift for instructing the senses Construct artful
projects and experiments drawn from his Notebooks.


collect sunlight with a lens
divide sunlight with a water prism
capture sunlight in a box (camera obscura)
make art with shadows


collect rocks; read their secrets and stories
capture the architecture of leaves with wax
draw the perfume from flowers
construct a perfect sphere with clay


construct and spin a feather helicopter
construct and float a micro-kite
invent and test a parachute
sculpt and launch a balsa glider


construct and float canal boats
construct and spin pumps
squirt, bubble and splash for distance or accuracy
with a waterwheel, capture energy and make it dance

And more. With Ryan Paxton & Andrew Sargent

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