Migrating Beauty: <em>Birds of East Rock Park</em>

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Birds of East Rock Park

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2021 Summer Program

East Rock Park, which surrounds the Museum, is enchanted. The Park's large size, its mix of trees and understory, the Rock itself, and the Mill River welcome birds. Some birds reside year round. Some travel long distances, stopping over or nesting and staying the summer.

Learn how to see and recognize the birds that inhabit the Park. Make models that show their shape and color. Learn their songs, their nests, the places they find food. Collect your field notes in an artful fandex. Meet master bird watchers who know the Park's inhabitants well.

Explore the distant places birds connect us with. Construct colorful folk toys our visitors have inspired in Central and South America. (It takes the world to nurture birds.)

Construct a basket to honor the artistry of the Baltimore Oriole. Construct a nest box to welcome next Spring's travelers to where you live.

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