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2021 Summer Program

The world is an Open Studio

If you want to find yourself, you will have to travel. This week: Five adventures to discover arts, customs and materials of the world....and to make them your own.

Museum Director and Ceramics Curator, Ryan Paxton, will take you to civilization's beginning: hand shaped clay prepared for pit firing. He will add small projects to introduce clay arts from around the world.

Boats are nature's invention. Construct mini boats: a bamboo raft from China, a corn husk boat from Mexico, a reed ark from Egypt , a paper boat from Japan. Start with a board and create your own craft: a dragon or a turtle, a cargo boat or ferry.

Games begin with pieces: bits, checkers, chips, counters, discs, movers, pawns,or stones. Play some traditional games from around the world. Invent your own.

Wood, cloth, paper, clay, found materials sticks and shells. Every culture has found stuff and tricks to make companions or characters to share and tell stories
with. Make one from tradition; one from your imagination.

Two hundred years ago, families dreamt of visiting Germany's Rhine River. It's natural beauty and elegant castles were considered the perfect education for young artists and poets. Follow the Grand Tour on a panoramic map. Construct your Castle.

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