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2021 Summer Program

Art speaks. Sometimes its messages are personal and private. Sometimes art speaks to the biggest audience it can find.
Explore the materials, methods and messages of Public Art.

Each day do a project for yourself and a team project for everyone.

To celebrate
On Midsummer's Day, celebrate the artistry of the sun. Mix with traditional games and costumes shadow paintings of your own design. Silhouette yourself on the day of the year's shortest shadows.

To make your mark
Construct a nearly full scale stick figure of yourself. Make it you. Connect it to an installation that celebrates all the ways to play, all the ways to be.

To amuse
Consider the trickster artists ( trompe d’œil ), who create unexpected images in unexpected places. Create your own project of creative twisting. Join a team whose work will re-imagine some familiar piece of the Museum's site.

To advocate
Contribute pieces to a mural map constructed to explore the proposition: Migration makes a Richer World. Contribute birds and butterflies, food and musical instruments, and of course people.

To engage
With your own sidewalk chalk tool kit, join in the creation of a 100' hopscotch exhibition --inspired by iconic artists - that will choreograph the ways people walk through our site.

This program is supported by the Connecticut Office of the Arts

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