Travels Through Latin America

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for ages 7 – 9

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2022 Summer Program

Travel through South America — a journey of 3000 miles in one short week. Board an electric bus in Ecuador and then follow the Pan American Highway south through Peru and Chile en route to Argentina.

Stop in a big city inside each country that has both historic and modern buildings. Travel to the countryside and meet people in traditional costumes. We will make studies of the animals — Jaguars, Alpacas, Pumas, and Llamas — and we’ll make copies of the native birds, too.

Hear stories, learn games, and sing songs that are unique to each country. We will learn Spanish throughout the journey, and we will encounter other languages, too.

Make a large map of all of the countries we have passed — and some we didn’t have time to visit. Mark the mountains and rivers that have shaped the stories of the people we have met. Bring back journals and souvenirs from our travels around the region.

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