Autumn Discoveries in East Rock Park

Eli Whitney Museum

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Monday, October 10, 2022

Autumn Discoveries in East Rock Park

Ages 6-9
9 am- 3pm

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Autumn in Connecticut is nothing short of magical. How fortunate we are to be surrounded by the vast and plentiful East Rock Park. Enjoy the river and paths during this bountiful season. Explore the colors and changes, and learn about these transformations. Record your observations in your Autumn Journal while collecting leaves, rocks, and other treasures along the way. Navigate your way through a crisp Autumn scavenger hunt. Use binoculars to view changes up close. Learn to appreciate the changes around us. What animals, birds, rocks, and bugs do we see in the fall? What changes do you observe?
Make stamps that illustrate bugs you encounter. Make a record of various tree species through leaf rubbings. Dip leaves in wax to preserve them in a frame creating an imaginative form. Make a Fall felt animal mask.
If the weather allows, sketch outdoors and spend time soaking up the season.

Fee: $85
Educator: Kiran Zaman and Laura McGowan

We strive to make our programs accessible to all. Please give us a call at 203.777.1833 to discuss opportunities for financial aid or sponsor a scholarship.

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