Mapping Our World

Eli Whitney Museum

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for ages 9-12


2023 Summer Program

At present a world without GPS is unfathomable.

Cartography has enriched the lives of explorers for centuries. This week you will be inspired by the beauty, versatility, and incomparable significance of maps. From Ancient Civilizations to the Age of Exploration and modern day, for centuries cultures have contributed to mapping. This brings us to where we are today with advanced digital mapping at our fingertips. How did cartographers start out? Observe patterns in your environment along with markers and directions. Consider how to make maps that convey crucial information. What is the best and most efficient way to read a map?
Think further, how do maps affect us and how have they changed history?

Construct a cartographer’s toolkit complete with rulers, squares, calipers, astrolabe, old style compass, telescope/spyglass, and Roman Groma. Experiment with your newly learned skills. Make your own maps in various historic styles of the Babylonians, Ancient Greeks, and Ancient Chinese. Step into modern day and learn about GIS and GPS, Satellites, and LIDAR.

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