Shape and Structure

Eli Whitney Museum

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Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Shape and Structure

Ages 6-8
9 am- 3pm

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More than 70 years ago Charles and Ray Eames created interchangeable cards that connected to build sculptures and structures. They marked their cards with the forms and colors of modern art. With a nod to their genius, we have created blank cards for you to experiment with.Take your engineering skills to new heights with these cards that you will decorate and devise into towers, buildings, and beyond.

Engineer, architect, poet, philosopher, and futurist, R. Buckminister Fuller, developed the Geodesic Dome in the early 20th century. His innovative dome could be placed on the ground as a complete structure of its own. There were no sizes or dimensions to limit its ability to demonstrate the shortest possible line between two points on a curved or spherical surface. Create your own Geodesic domes and spheres with tools and materials we provide. Learn how science and design meet to inspire generations of innovations and revolutionary restructuring.

Fee: $85
Educator: Kiran Zaman

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