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for ages 6-8


2024 Summer Program

In our day-to-day lives, we see many different creatures, however, when we watch movies or delve into our imaginations, we can picture animals that are beyond the normal, known as mythical creatures. Mythical creatures come from mythology and folklore. There are many well-known ones such as the mermaid, pegasus, and cyclopes. Others, such as the dragon and unicorn were believed to be real by many. Some have even been discovered recently such as the giant squid, also known as the kraken. All of these creatures have mystical abilities that defy what we see as normal. Together, we will explore these creatures’ history, appearance, and abilities.

We will become knights in shining armor to defeat a dragon hoarding its treasure. We will find our way through a labyrinth to the center and discover the famous minotaur of Greek mythology. We will create fairy houses with items found in nature so these fairies feel right at home. We will locate the mermaid in the wide ocean among the other nautical animals. And to finish our week, you will get to create your very own mythical creature with its own habitat, so make sure you start brainstorming now!

So join us for an exciting week of discovery and creation!

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