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for ages 10+

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2024 Summer Program

Please Note: This is a four day class- Mon, Tue, Thurs, Fri.
We are closed, Wed, June 19th.

Join professional freelance theatrical costumer, C. Delari Johnston to learn how to sew by hand and on a sewing machine. You will grasp everything from how to thread a needle, knot a thread, and create a pattern for the pillow and bag you will make this week.

Using your new sewing skills, you will explore the different ways the world uses the same tools and materials to create beautiful and functional items. You will learn Sashiko stitching from Japan, Mola fabric piecing from Panama, Hungarian felt cutwork, and Seminole Native American quilting. You will be able to apply these wonderful techniques to recycle and repurpose vintage clothing into new works of art!

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