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If you choose not to pay the fee in full, you can secure your registration with a 50% payment. Balances must be paid by May 1st. If we do not receive payment by May 1st, the balance will be charged automatically to your credit card. Your acknowledgement on the registration form will authorize this.

Products and services without a deposit or full payment will be removed within 24 hours if you have not contacted us to make accommodations.

For all cancelations we retain a $75 clerical fee per child per camp.

  • If you cancel before May 1st we will issue refund check, minus the clerical fee of $75.
  • After May 1st, you will receive a Credit Carry Forward, minus the clerical fee of $75, for the balance which can be used at any time on any classes.
  • Once a class has started there will be no full or partial refunds or CCFs for cancelations by either party.
  • Our Annual Appeal and our Leonardo Benefit, our Trustees and Friends support this principle: no child should be denied the opportunity to experiment and learn. This includes tuition and extended day costs.

    These funds provide partial and full tuition assistance:

  • Open Workshop Fund – annual appeal gifts committed to providing access to all who request it
  • AC Gilbert Fund – to support Fair Haven youth
  • Catherine Greene Fund – to encourage girl mechanics
  • Directed Scholarships – given by companies for employee children
  • The Schwab Fund for gifted workshop learners from: Helen Street, Bear Path, Church Street Schools; (Nominated by Science Supervisor)
  • Jack Viele would have been a counselor now had not leukemia captured him in 1999. His family and friends preserve his memory with a fund that helps us accommodate children who has faced hardship through any type of illness, distress, or misfortune. Apprentice leaders show empathy and inspiration that move young explorers brightly through difficult times. Talk to us if your child needs special guidance or support. We will accommodate children to the extent that we are capable of and able to safely.

    If your child requires a full time Para in school, you will have to provide a full time Para during their week of camp as well.

    All health forms must be signed by your physician and you, and be dated within three years. Your child will not be able to start camp without these forms on file:

  • physical exam
  • immunization records/religious exemption
  • (if applicable) medical authorizations for daily medications at camp.
  • NOTE: Reg Pack will not accept multiple pictures or files, you must upload them as one document via a scanner/app (Ex:Genius). If you are having trouble, you can send your files to
    If your child brings an EpiPen, Inhaler, Benedryl, or any other medications, we must have a Medical Authorization Form signed by the child's guardian and physician with dosage instructions. We are not permitted to administer ANYTHING without this signed form on file.

  • These must be accompanied by the Rx label for the medication.
  • Meds must be in ziplock bags with the child's name and reason for use clearly marked on it.
    Health Form- This can be any form from your doctor as long as it is current within 3 years and includes your child's vaccination information.
    Medical Authorization Form

    Please list all approved individuals who may pick up your child including guardians, must be 18+years, in the box provided on the HEALTH FORMS and PERMISSIONS page. You may also include walk or bike home permission here.

    We cannot release your child without this permission on file.

    Flexible supervision is available from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm. Extended day cost is $10 per hour per child from 8-9, 3-4, 4-5, and $5 for the 5-5:30PM slot.

  • You must pay for the hours at the time you sign up.
  • Please sign up for each week when you are certain of the hours you need. It is best to sign up the week before your child will be using Extended Day.
  • If you need to cancel any hours, you will need to notify us by noon of that day. We will issue a credit carry forward for any hours that you have canceled ahead of time, we will not issue refunds. Credit will not be given retroactively, only in extenuating circumstances.
  • Campers should bring a nut-free lunch and water bottle every day.

    We will provide a nut-free snack everyday. If your child is a picky eater, please pack a separate nut-free snack for them and notify us at drop-off.

    We will provide mesh bags (dishwasher and washing machine safe!) with your child's name on it on their first day of camp. Lunches must be brought in these bags to maximize space in our fridges!

    If your child needs an additional lunch bag, or needs a water bottle there will provide this resource for $1, to be charged to your account.

    In order to maintain a safe environment for children and staff with severe peanut/tree nut allergies, all lunches and snacks must not contain nuts or products with traces of nuts.

    This means no peanut butter or sun butter sandwiches, nut snacks, trail mix bars, etc.

    FOOTWEAR For the sake of safety, we require campers to wear sneakers only! NO Flip Flops. NO Crocs. NO Keens.

    HAIR Anyone with hair that falls below the chin must tie their hair up and in a bun if possible. Hair that covers eyes need clips to hold it back.

    CLOTHES Dress for mess! Do not send your child in new or expensive clothing, we use lots of materials that can permanently ruin clothing.

    Our programs are designed for 6 year olds, who are prepared for a long day, experienced in groups, comfortable with 7 and 8 year olds. Any doubt? Bring them in for a trial walk-in project during weekend walk-in hours Saturday and Sunday from 10AM-3PM. Please contact us to let us know you are coming. 203.777.1833

    Each class requires a minimum enrollment. We must cancel or restructure classes that do not meet that minimum.

    Ticks and Mosquitoes borne diseases have been on the rise in the Northeast in current years. We have attached a PDF with guidelines to help you protect your children. We will be outside daily and if we hike in the park, we will only be on the paths. We urge you to look at your child each night at bath time to check for ticks. We cannot check them in this way.

    The Health Department will not permit us to apply any medications or sprays on a child. You can send your child with repellant as long as they can apply it themselves. A solid stick repellent is definitely easier for young children to use but if you send them with a spray, please Do Not Send Aerosol Sprays.

    How to Protect Yourself From Mosquitoes and Ticks

    The Eli Whitney Museum & Workshop is a safe space for all people. We will not tolerate physical violence or horseplay, violent or adult language, bullying, harassment, or destruction of property.

    If your child is involved in any of the following levels of conflict, this is how we will handle the situation:

    This type of conflict happens every day and includes misunderstandings and frustrations, mostly unintentional. These conflicts will be mediated between campers or camper(s)/counselor-educator. If the behavior does not change a call will be made home and we will come up with an improvement plan together.
    This elevated level of conflict includes horseplay or fighting (verbal/physical) no major injury, but could cause harm without intervention. We will reset the expectations with the camper(s) and parent(s), an apology note may be necessary for camper(s) to return to their program. If behavior does not change, camper(s) may be removed from camp.
    This elevated level of conflict includes intentional horseplay or fighting (verbal/physical) no major injury, but could cause harm without intervention. We will reset the expectations with the camper(s) and parent(s), an apology note may be necessary for camper(s) to return to their program. If behavior does not change, camper(s) may be removed from camp.

    When classes reach their maximum enrollment you will be given the opportunity to sign your child up for the waitlist. Open spots will be offered based on a first come first serve basis. You will receive a call from one of our team if space for your child becomes available, and a window of time to accept or pass on the spot.

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