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2014 Summer Program

Enrollment limited to 12 seats.

An arduino is an open source single board micro-controller designed to make the process of using electronics in multidisciplinary projects more accessible. In short, you learn basic programming language and write commands to the arduino (microprocessor).

First learn to design a simple circuit to control light and sound. Then make a small robot that can move in various directions to create artwork that you've designed with the commands.

Each camper will take home their own arduino robot rover. Materials fee of $25 will be charges upon registration.

Below is a list of parts we used this week to build the rovers. Unfortunately, you cannot get the wheels (3D Printed) or bases (made in our woodshop).

  • Adafruit Trinket 3.3V [link]
    • Doesn't come with pins installed.
  • Tiny breadboard [link]
  • Battery pack [link]
  • Servo [link]
  • Bracelets [link]

You can find any other parts on Google, or email Eli if you have questions.

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