Arthur Ganson and the Do Anything Machine

Eli Whitney Museum

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2014 Summer Program

Arthur Ganson is an artist with a studio in Cambridge, MA. He has been an artist-in-residence at MIT. He makes moving art. Literally. Motors, gears, pulleys and linkages bring found objects (doll parts, bones, shells...) to life. His pieces tell stories that could be expressed in no other way. He has a gift for finding movements that surprise and inform.

Get to know Arthur Ganson's work in his short videos. ( Then start with mechanisms like his, but find your own story. Make a machine that powers movements when you push it. Give something life with a hand crank. Power a motor with batteries to make sounds that are your own. Power a motor with batteries that act out a very short story. If time allows, join a team that will design and build a sculpture that will live the summer at the Museum. Learn to construct parts and figures with iron wire, a material Ganson has mastered. Batteries included

With permission of the artist.


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