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Bitter, sweet, enticing, fickle, stimulating, it love or is it chocolate? A favorite food of Casanova, an offering to the gods of love, an alluring aphrodisiac; chocolate is steeped in history and the lore of romance.

Learn the art of chocolate making. Master tempering, filling, molding, enrobing, reducing and infusing. Make truffle, caramel, ganache, geleé and buttercream fillings. Walk away with a small box of beautiful hand crafted artisan chocolates to sweeten the one you love.

Bring your own intoxicating addition for a more adult ganache.

Instructor Annalise Phillips brings an exotic flair to making delicacies – and makes it quite manageable.

Instructor: Annalise Phillips
Fee: $30 (members $25)
Monday, February 10th, 7 – 9pm

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