Crash Test Dummies XIV: Greek Myth Edition

Eli Whitney Museum

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2014 Summer Program

Myths teach us the power and limits of strength and character in uncommon trials. Crash Test Dummies test their strength to teach the boundaries of common sense. The 14th edition of Crash Test Dummies will journey into the trials of Greek legends.

Construct an Icarus (seen below) whose wings will collapse if you rocket it too high. Construct a Sisyphus that picks up a stone only to have it fall back again,and again, and again. construct an Amazon warrior and her foe. Construct a Hercules (seen at left with Sisyphus). Small groups will construct the beasts and treasures of the 12 labors creating a Mediterranean theme park for you Hercules* to navigate. Choose your own myth to explore. Batteries and Estes Rockets included.

Myths are edited to be appropriate for pre-teens: D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths.
*Hercules choice not influenced by either of two dubious movies released this year.

Sisyphus and Hercules

Sisyphus and Hercules


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