The Journeys of Marco Polo

Eli Whitney Museum

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2015 Summer Program

700 years ago. a Venetian merchant published a book first titled: Book of the Marvels of the World. Later renamed The Travels of Marco Polo, it is an account of of a 24 year, 5600 mile journey from Venice east on the Silk Road into Kublai Kahn’s China and back by a perilous sea voyage. Even before there were printing presses, this book made Marco Polo the world’s most famous traveller.

Join a journey guided by the artist Demi’s beautifully illustrated Marco Polo (Marshall Cavendish,2008). Construct the camels, horses and ships that carried the Polos east through Persia, Mongolia and China and homeward through the South China Sea and around the tip of India. Construct the unfamiliar animals Polo saw or thought he saw. Construct the monuments and court of Kublai Kahn that awed the travellers. Create treasures (silk, spices gems and gold) from each part of the journey and Chinese inventions to exchange in a Venetian market that reawakened Europe’s passion for exploring the world. Prepare yourself for your future travels.

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