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2015 Summer Program

Everyone needs a best friend. How do you get one? How do you keep one? How do you share? First rule: be active: friendships are relationships that you make. Second rule: observe: observing is sharing. This Workshop considers the art and literature of friendships. From stories of friendships, we’ll assemble a practical guide.

Construct a robot friend. Luke and R2D2 shared adventures. But can a robot be a friend? Make a pet. Lassie and Timmy shared adventures: Can a pet be a friend? Find an imaginary friend: Make a Hobbs for Calvin. Or a Winnie the Pooh for Christopher Robin. Let an imaginary friend find you. Sew a Beekle, the-not-yet imagined friend, from Dan Sanat’s wise book. (Little Brown 2014) Make a classic duo: Bert & Ernie, Tom & Jerry, Amos & Boris. What are they telling us about friendships?

Have a friend the you have constructed join games that help us get to know each other. Discover that everything we make and do prepares us a little to make friends.

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