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Inquisitive Students Seeking a challenge in Mathematics and Computers.

Boundless Education LLC offers enrichment classes at The Eli Whitney Museum

Mathematics- for grades 1-8 - Enrichment Classes for Inquisitive, Talented Math Students:

Challenging and fast paced classes make learning fun! IMACS Math enrichment is a nationally renowned curriculum designed by one of the premier mathematics groups in our country. IMACS math enrichment is a sequence of classes that develops mathematics and logical reasoning using a combination of logical puzzles, deductive games, mathematical problem solving and other interesting activities. Students acquire a well rounded self confidence and show significant improvement in thinking, reasoning and in the ability to tackle non routine problems.

Computer Enrichment - for grades 5 - 7

Introduces young students to foundations of programming and computer science in a way that is fun and challenging. Children learn fundamental concepts like iteration and recursion that underpin modern computer science.

Check out and call Boundless Education at 203.762.7402 for more information.

All class sessions run 8 weeks. New classes are forming in early January.

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