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2015 Summer Program

Minions are bold, flexible, energetic and inventive: they are the essence of creativity. Of course they are excellent actors. They need only the sure hand of a director.

Become a director…and a set designer, costumer, make up artist, and an impresario (a show maker). Construct a stage, with curtain, sets, lights and orchestra pit. Study the ideas of the Viola Spolin whose students established improvisational theater in America. Play her theater games. Learn to construct new stories from old tales - a Spolin specialty. Assemble and train your troup of actors. (Minions are excellent students.) Then put on a show. Select a story. Costume your minions. Build simple sets. Rehearse, rehearse and perform. If there’s time, go repertoire: add a second production. Then take your show on the road. (Minions will perform where ever there’s an audience.)

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