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Eric Sloane's New England Homestead

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2015 Summer Program

Eric Sloane (1905 – 1985) was an artist and folklorist whose many books sample life in early New England. He found a diary of a 9 year old that described the careful, artful, hand-building of a farm in 1805. This Workshop will follow that account and the love of wood and basic tools that fills all of Sloane’s work.

Construct a New England farm: a simple house, a well, out buildings including a small working mill. Construct a family and the animals that work with them. Make tiny tools to match the classic tools that cut, shaped, notched, drilled and pounded wood. Work with the antique tools that constructed early America.

Then join a team to construct the churches, schoolhouse, meeting houses, bridges and canal that will complete a 19th Century village on the Workshop’s final day.

With visiting artist Sylvie Rosenthal . A gifted woodworker, Ms Rosenthal will introduce New England hand tools and hardwoods.

Whitney at 250: To observe the 250th anniversary of Whitney’s birth, we are exploring his world and time. Though our village is set in 1805, it will resemble that Westborough, MA house that Whitney grew up in 30 years earlier.

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